Flagstaff Finally Sees Offense, Breaks Tri-Cities’ Heart in Tie-break Victory

Finally!  It was as if someone could read it coming from Flagstaff GM Gary Williams’ mind.  Finally!   More than one player notched a point in a Flagstaff contested game.  In fact Alexandre Giroux, the lone consistent player on Flagstaff’s roster so far this season, punched in 5 points, as did teammate Krys Kolanos.  But Tri-Cities was not going down without a fight.  Sean Sullivan led the team with 4 points and goalie Leland Irving  pieced together another grand performance before tripping up and losing in a tie-breaker.

F Giroux HER: 2 G, 1 A = 5 pts.
F Krog CHI: 0
F Kolanos ADI: 2 G, 1 A = 5 pts.
F Darche HAM: 1 A = 1 pt.
F Iggulden ?:

D Lepisto SAN: DNP
D Jancevski TEX: 1 A = 2 pts.
D Reese SYR: 0

G MacIntyre CHI: L = -1 pt.

F Eller PEO: 1 SOG, 1 A = 2 pts.
F Grachev HFD: 0
F Bowman ALB: 1 A = 1 pt.
F Moller MCH: DNP
F Nodl ADI: 0

D Corrente LOW: 1 A = 2 pts.
D Sullivan SAN: 2 A = 4 pts.
D Vishnevskiy TEX: 0

G Irving ABT: W = 3 pts.

TIE-BREAKER #1: FLG 4 G, tc 0 g
Therefore, Flagstaff wins by tie-break, 13-12.


~ by majorleaguehockey on October 18, 2009.

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