Czars continue to tear through opposition, win 4th straight over Long Beach

Only three players in the lineup for the Saskatoon Czars failed to score a point in the Czars’ 16-10 win over the Long Beach Longshoremen.  Ironically, one of them was League scoring leader, Jonas Junland.  However, he didn’t need a point, his teammates did a pretty good job of spreading the wealth.  Brendan Bell led the team with 4 points and the 3- and 2-point games were spread around.  Long Beach squandered another stellar performance by goalie, Brent Krahn, dropping their second straight contest.  Brandon Bochenski was the only true offensive bright spot for Long Beach on this night, as he banged in 4 points.

F O’Reilly MIL: 0
F Cullen RFD: 0
F Stastny PEO: 1 A = 1 pt.
F Bochenski NOR: 2 G = 4 pts.
F Lundmark ABT: 0

D Heikkinen HFD: 0
D Eckford LOW: DNP
D Sanguinetti HFD: 1 A = 2 pts.
D Mikus TOR: 0

G Krahn TEX: W = 3 pts.

F St. Pierre BNG: 1 G, 1 A = 3 pts.
F Boychuk ALB: 2 A = 2 pts.
F DiSalvatore HOU: 2 A = 2 pts.
F Moore BRI: 0
F Smith BRI: 1 G, 1 A = 3 pts.

D Bell PEO: 1 G, 1 A = 4 pts.
D Lukowich TEX: 1 A = 2 pts.
D Junland PEO: 0
D Stafford TEX: DNP

G Enroth POR: DNP

~ by majorleaguehockey on November 21, 2009.

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