Halifax wins third in a row, beats Cutthroats 21-20

The Halifax Lumberjaxx won their third contest in a row behind Ryan Keller’s 5 points, Sergei Shirokov’s 3 points and four other Jaxx players netting 2 points apiece.  Danny Sabourin, who is slowly starting to silence critics about his age and ability, played well in the pipes for Halifax, as well.  But the Colorado Cutthroats didn’t go down without a fight, as Jonathan Bernier played a pretty good game in goal himself.  He got help from his team, despite the losing effort, as defenseman John Negrin potted 4 points but forward Mark Mancari racked up 5 points.

F Keller BNG: 2 G, 1 SOG = 5 pts.
F Kostitsyn HAM: 1 A = 1 pt.
F Jaffray ABT: 1 G = 2 pts.
F Backlund ABT: 1 A = 1 pt.
F Shirokov MTB: 1 G, 1 A = 3 pts.

D Blum MIL: 0
D Voynov MCH: 1 A = 2 pts.
D Karlsson BNG: 1 A = 2 pts.
D Subban HAM: 1 G = 2 pts.

G Sabourin PRO: W = 3 pts.

F Wilson HER: 1 G = 2 pts.
F Mancari POR: 2 G, 1 A = 5 pts.
F Haydar LEM: 0
F Lehtonen PRO: 1 A = 1 pt.
F Tlusty TOR: 3 A = 3 pts.

D Smith BNG: DNP
D Negrin ABT: 1 G, 1 A = 4 pts.
D Taormina LOW: 1 G = 2 pts.
D Noreau HOU: 0

G Bernier MCH: L, 34 SV, W = 3 pts.

~ by majorleaguehockey on November 21, 2009.

One Response to “Halifax wins third in a row, beats Cutthroats 21-20”

  1. Interesting issue, I didn’t thought this was going to be so awesome when I read the title!!

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