Tri-Cities continues to struggle; fall to Flagstaff, 9-4

The Tri-Cities  Mountaineers continue to struggle offensively, dropping their second straight game in a 9-4 loss to the Flagstaff 66ers.  Jonathan Matsumoto and Oscar Moller had 2 points each, accumulating he entirety of scoring for the Mountaineers.  It didn’t help the Mountaineers’ plight that 66ers’ goalie, Drew MacIntyre, played brilliantly in net.  Nathan Perkovich had 3 points to lead the Flagstaff scoring in the win.

F Grachev HFD: 0
F Ennis POR: 0
F Bowman ALB: DNP
F Matsumoto ADI: 1 G = 2 pts.
F Moller MCH: 2 A = 2 pts.

D Corrente LOW: DNP
D Carlson HER: 0
D Penner PRO: 0
D MacDonald BRI: DNP

G Irving ABT: DNP

F Perkovich LOW: 1 G, 1 A = 3 pts.
F Krog CHI: 1 A = 1 pt.
F Picard SYR: DNP
F Hamel BNG: 0
F Durno LEM: DNP

D Janik GRA: 1 A = 2 pts.
D Boyle RFD: 0
D Reese SYR: 0
D Davison LOW: 0

G MacIntyre CHI: W = 3 pts.


~ by majorleaguehockey on December 8, 2009.

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