Despite subpar season thus far, Louisville recaptures Shore Conference lead; defeat Flagstaff 19-10

Ugly win, pretty win, a win,  is a win,  is a win.  That might be the slogan for the Louisville Kings this season.  After seasons of domination and amassing three consecutive League titles, the Kings have been on a roller coaster ride to say the least.  And they still manage to sit atop the Shore Conference almost half way through the season.  They took a one point lead over, now second place Tri-Cities, for the Shore lead.  To do it, however, they had to beat the Flagstaff 66ers, who have had a lukewarm season themselves.  David Desharnais scored 5 points, Chris Lee scored 4 points and four other Kings scored a pair of points apiece to power the Louisville offense.  Daryl Boyle’s 8 points led the 66ers and Jason Krog and Alexandre Picard had a point each to round out the Flagstaff scoring.

F Porter SAN: 1 G = 2 pts.
F Desharnais HAM: 2 G, 1 A = 5 pts.
F Locke HFD: 2 A = 2 pts.
F Conner WBS: DNP
F Perrault SAN: 1 G = 2 pts.

D Lee WBS: 1 G, 1 A = 4 pts.
D Vishnevskiy TEX: 1 A = 2 pts.
D Groulx WOR: 0
D Wilson ROC: 0

G Curry WBS: W, L = 2 pts.

F Perkovich LOW: 0
F Krog CHI: 1 A = 1 pt.
F Picard SYR: 1 A = 1 pt.
F Hamel BNG: 0
F Durno LEM: DNP

D Janik GRA: 0
D Boyle RFD: 1 G, 3 A = 8 pts.
D Reese SYR: 0
D Davison LOW: 0

G MacIntyre CHI: 0


~ by majorleaguehockey on December 10, 2009.

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